Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tropos in Photos

In the video we watched for class, we learned what tropos means. A trope is a figure of speech that helps direct the hearer or reader towards making of meaning. Tropos means a turning, direction, or way. In my first photo I showed a birthday party. I photographed this a week ago at my best friend’s 20th birthday party. The crowd at the party is included in the frame and the food provided. This is because most of the crowd was in the kitchen where the food was. The rest of the apartment is not revealed in this photo because the main crowd stayed in the kitchen where all the life was, expressing the spirit of the party. This crowded photo tells the story of my experience at the birthday party because it was crowded, and I felt very claustrophobic the whole time. Also, the food shown shows my experience at the party because I had some cookie cake and brownies and it made the party much better. My next picture was me reading my bible at bible study. This was taken a couple of weeks ago while I was reading the book of Jeremiah. My bible and me are included in the frame while the rest of the girls at bible study are not. This is because I was in the middle of smiling at something and somebody caught me candid, and bible study is a more personal experience opposed to a group experience. This picture tells my bible study experience because I am constantly learning new things in bible study that make me smile and feel more joyful. Finally, the last picture is a picture of the Clemson Tiger Walk. The crowd and the football players, along with tailgates are shown in this frame. This is because these things add to the experience of the Tiger Walk, bringing enthusiasm and cheer to the Tiger Walk. Death Valley is not included in this picture because the Tiger Walk occurs before the game starts and is outside of the stadium. This sums up my experience watching the Tiger Walk because the crowd and the players both game me a sense of hype and pride for my team.

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