Friday, March 5, 2010

Plan Of Attack For Final Projects

My plan of attack for the final projects is to make three separate videos that show different parts of my experience. For one of my videos, I plan on showing pictures only and talking about my experiences with this culture. For the second one, I plan on interviewing the girl in charge of Clemson Life and who tutors the students as well as plans social activities like going to the gym or going to various on campus events. For my third video, I will talk about what I learned from this experienced and the knowledge I have gained about my culture and other cultures. In my first video I will show pictures from different activities I have experienced with the Clemson Life culture, all the way from simple outings like Starbucks to big events like birthday parties. In my interview with the Clemson Life leader, I will ask her what she as gained from working with these students and what she has learned from living in two different cultures, Clemson Life and regular college life. I am really excited to do my videos because I know that my eyes have been opened to a different culture and I have felt a growing passion about sharing the special times I have had with Clemson Life.


  1. Katie - for your professional/career focus video - I'd be interested to see what kind of "cultural navigation/translation" is required to successfully work in this field. I'm sure your experiences will make for rich story-telling and will be enlightening to others.

  2. I've had some experience with working in Student Affairs and am so excited to hear about your experiences in one aspect of it.