Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rhetorical Analysis

What is the topic? Working out
Who trains them? A trainer that works at the Fike recreational center
For/to whom? The students in Clemson Life
Where does it appear? at Fike Recreational Center in Clemson University
When did it start? The Clemson Life Program just started emphasizing working out three years ago
How is it set up? The students walk or run around the track for about 10 minutes to warm up, and then do 20 minutes of machines with light weights
Why does it happen? The students work out because it teaches them many life skills. First of all, it teaches them discipline. They also learn to take care of themselves and how to have a healthy lifestyle.
This is a picture of Catelyn. She lost twenty pounds from the workout program for Clemson Life and is very proud of it, she will not hesitate to tell anybody her success story!

What is the topic? Paying for meals/snacks/drinks
Who teaches them? They go to math classes at Clemson University that teach them basic skills like counting, money numbers, multiplication, division. Different students are at different levels as well.
For/to whom? The students in Clemson Life
Where does it appear? Chilis Too on campus, drink machines, Starbucks
When did it start? This has been an ongoing thing for a long time
How is it set up? The students go out to eat at Chilis Too and receive their own bills. They then count their money and decide how much to pay and tip. We look over their shoulder to make sure it is correct. Also, I took some girls to Starbucks and they payed for their drink using their money counting skills.
Why does it happen? The students are able to do this because it teaches them to be independent. It also helps them exercise their math skills and put them into practice

On the way to Starbucks

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Friday, March 5, 2010

Plan Of Attack For Final Projects

My plan of attack for the final projects is to make three separate videos that show different parts of my experience. For one of my videos, I plan on showing pictures only and talking about my experiences with this culture. For the second one, I plan on interviewing the girl in charge of Clemson Life and who tutors the students as well as plans social activities like going to the gym or going to various on campus events. For my third video, I will talk about what I learned from this experienced and the knowledge I have gained about my culture and other cultures. In my first video I will show pictures from different activities I have experienced with the Clemson Life culture, all the way from simple outings like Starbucks to big events like birthday parties. In my interview with the Clemson Life leader, I will ask her what she as gained from working with these students and what she has learned from living in two different cultures, Clemson Life and regular college life. I am really excited to do my videos because I know that my eyes have been opened to a different culture and I have felt a growing passion about sharing the special times I have had with Clemson Life.