Thursday, February 11, 2010

My experience in another McDonald's

Since I am not in a different country, I do not have the opportunity to go to another McDonald's in the country. However, I have been to a McDonald's in Brazil and it was a great experience. It is incredible to me how McDonald's is worldwide and caters to it’s culture. In the Brazilian McDonald's, there was a lot of lemon flavor in their menu items. I found this interesting because there is nothing based on lemon in our USA McDonald's. Brazilian McDonald's has items such as “chicken lemon crispy” and “wrap crispy lemon.” USA McDonald's has ranch grilled chicken wraps and barbecue crispy chicken wraps, which seems so normal in the USA while lemon flavored sandwiches are normal in Brazil. I remember getting a regular hamburger in Brazil with “hot mustard.” The hamburger tasted a little different but the hot mustard tasted nothing like mustard in the USA. It was made with peppers and very spicy. I also ordered a “light coke” at the McDonald's in Brazil. I noticed a difference in their drinks because they do not have anything labeled as diet, everything is light. When it came to dessert time, I wanted an apple pie. Instead of apple pies, they had banana tortes. This makes sense because there is an abundance of bananas and plantains in Brazil. I enjoyed the torte, but my taste buds were not used to this so I would not eat it again. In conclusion, my McDonald's experience really opened up my eyes to other cultures taste buds and how food changes between cultures.

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  1. Mmmmm, lemony! I think I'd like to try some of those items. I wonder what cultural differences are reflected in the menu, the website and other display and marketing?