Thursday, February 18, 2010

Taking Pictures and Comparing Them

I really liked learning more about photography. I have always loved taking pictures and in the future I hope to take a photography course. All of these tips helped me and I was happy to hear that you should always care more than one memory card, because I always do that. I also carry and extra battery if my battery dies.

The first shot I have is a horizontal shot. This is a picture of people at a party. There is nobody paying attention to the picture and everybody is having a good time and socializing.

This is a shot of me reading my bible during bible study. This was taken from a different angle and is an example of looking up on a shot.

This is a shot of the tiger walk and is a vertical shot. It is also from an angle of looking down because I was standing on a hill.

I found it helpful to learn about tri pod shots because I have gotten frustrated before with my camera when my pictures did not turn out as clear or sharp as others. This is because I do not have a camera that takes tri pod shots.

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