Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Post-CLAM reflections

My name is Katie. I am excited about taking this online course and learning more about another culture other than my own. I feel like I am very ignorant when it comes to people different than me, and I need to improve that. In my opinion, in order to love others to the fullest, we need to understand them and where they come from and why they believe what they do.
I love how organized this course is. I have taken online courses before and they were not nearly as well explained as this one. I am excited about keeping an online blog because it will be helpful to reflect about my experiences. I think it will be cool to do an interview as well. I will be working with the Clemson LIFE students this semester, trying to see what they are like and how they live. They have disabilities that I can not relate to, so I am eager to see their culture.

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