Friday, January 22, 2010

Cultural Literacy in my culture and others

I really enjoyed watching all of the videos this week and understanding the concept of cultural literacy. In my opnion, cluture literacy is understanding the culture and knowing how to communicate with different age groups or different types of people within the culture. In the culture I am from today, it is almost required to understand computers. Being cultural literate at Clemson University means knowing how to Facebook, email, text, and anything else that has to do with media. Also, it means knowing what is going on with sports teams. Clemson is very big on sports and knowing how the teams are doing helps students fit into the culture here. Also, knowing how to have a job and keep up with homework exemplifies cultural literacy. All students have homework and usually discuss their assignments with each other.

In other cultures that are not my own, I try to fit in by knowing what they like and do not like. When working with the Clemson Life students, I have noticed that they are very different from my usual Clemson student culture. They have to worry about things like getting a ride, walking to class alone, or eating alone. These are things that most Clemson students, such as myself, do not think twice about. Also, they do not go to Facebook or email for questions or to keep in touch with their friends, they all live together so they do not have to deal with online sources. Their teachers usually contact them first, which is unusual for other students. I have tried to fit in with this by finding them on campus when I need to talk with them, picking them up for a Starbucks run, or going to their apartment in Tilman Place instead of meeting them somewhere. I have also sat through a class with them, Western Dance, to see how they pick up on class skills and their reactions to teachers.

The gap that remains for me is getting on a personal level with the students, and breaking down any walls of mistrust they may have. This will help me understand their culture better and understand them as people better.

Caitlin and me making a Starbucks run!

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  1. I look forward to seeing more of what promises to be an engaging project!