Thursday, January 14, 2010

Communicating through new media

My generation is all about media for communicating. There are many different types of media, but the post popular types are Facebook, email, twitter, blogging, and Skype. I have communicated through all of these types of social networks and they all can serve similar purposes, but differ in how they are used.

1. Facebook-Many people use Facebook as a way to post pictures, comments, and status'. A status talks about what that person is doing or where they are, others may see it and learn that they are doing the same thing that person is doing. Also, Facebook is a great way to communicate because you can send private messages if you do not want everybody reading it, as opposed to a comment on somebody's wall where every friend can see it. In Facebook you can also create events or make groups. i have used this by planning events for birthday parties or putting study groups together for school.

2. Email- Email is a great source of communication that serves one purpose, sending a cyber message to somebody. As opposed to talking on the phone, email is at your convience and you can respond or send something whenever you would like. email is a great way to contact busy people in today's society. I have used emails to talk to professors, talk to my parents, or catch up with old friends.

3. Twitter- Twitter is a fairly new source of communication. Twitter mainly serves for people to talk about themselves, and say what they are doing at that moment, or who they are with, or where they are. I have used it for communicating with others before by tweeting to them.. for example "@Annalaurens do you want to meet for lunch tommorow" This shows up on all the people's pages who are following me on twitter, and it shows up on my friend Anna's page because I tagged her user name.

4. Blogging- I am new to blogging and have realized it is a great source of communication with people you would never usually meet. You can create internet relationships with others you have things in common with.

5. Skype- Skype is a great way to communicate with others that are far away from you. If you are in another country or on vacation, you can Skype somebody, see their face, and hear their voice. I have used this over the summer when I was at home and my college friends were far away, This is a great way to visually connect with somebody.

These four ways of communicating are fast, efficient, and to the point. I can not imagine life without internet, and I do not use my phone nearly as often as I use the computer.

Throughout this course, I am going to use media communication to observe and learn from the culture I am studying, the Clemson Life students. I am learning a lot already, and have been talking to some of them through cell phones and email. I have been using email to plan when I am going to see them.

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